Known issues and FAQ

  1. Which OS is supported

    Expert is not widely tested, but reported to work on MS Windows XP SP3, MS Windows Vista and MS Windows 7

  2. Loading expert, unexpected error occure

    Most probably .NET library is missing. Should have at least 3 (last known .NET 4)

  3. The system cannot find the file specified

    PHP CLI is not found. To fix it either specify system path or use absolute path.

  4. Sending data (2000.01.01 01:01:01) only part of it is being received

    That's because of space. Assumed there are two variables separated by space. To fix it use URLEncode to encode and PHP urldecode to decode

  5. Why PHP session is regenerated each time script called

    Usualy session id is stored in cookies. That mean you have to pass session id each time you invoke script. It will not be possible to use cookies for that purpose while calling PHP as CLI, instead you can use old fascion and pass session id as GET value.

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